Redirecting exhaust on a riding mower

I recently replaced the engine on my ancient Snapper riding mower. New engine works great except that the exhaust is on the front of the engine. It has a deflector that spews it out to the right, cooking my right leg and rising to roast my right arm on the shiftlever as well.

I mangled some metal to redirect Mr Snapper's gas rearward.

Details and photos if you're interested at:

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Don Foreman
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Very nice post, Don. Thanx.

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Bob Swinney

On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 07:11:49 -0400, Brian Lawson wrote: I think it will, since the original muffler is zinc-plated.

I zincplate a lot of my small projects if they'll be used outdoors or if there will be metal-to-metal contact that would knock paint off.

It's about as easy as painting. I use Caswell's stuff.

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Don Foreman

Very professional! This looks like one I had. 8 hp Tecumseh, single blade deck that discharged between the rear tires. There was cover on top of the deck you could open and see the blade going 'round. Not very safe. They mow great.

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andy asberry

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