Riding lawnmower

Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on my lawn chair, drinking beer and watching my wife, mow the lawn.

Amanda from next door was so upset at this that she came over and shouted "you should be hung." I took a slug from my bottle of Corona, wiped the cold foam from my lips, lifted my darkened RayBan sunglasses, stared directly at this nosey woman and calmly replied, "I am, that's why she cuts the grass."

After a few days I felt really bad so I went and bought my wife a riding mower to show my sensitive side. I am so proud of the deal I got, I have dropped a picture in the dropbox.

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Tom Gardner
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Now thats what the leftys have been waiting for! I wonder when the snow blower attachment will be ready?


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Tim Williams

Thank God that I had enough sense to swallow my coffee before I clicked on the link!!


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There is a fine line between genius and madness.

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Some times..there is no line......


Rule #35 "That which does not kill you, has made a huge tactical error"

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I missed the staff meeting but the minutes show Gunner wrote back on Thu, 07 Apr 2005 16:57:32 GMT in rec.crafts.metalworking :

Ah, but do not forget, there is a limit to Genius....


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pyotr filipivich

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