Folding camp chair parts

I realize the manufacturers/sales shops want to sell a new
chair, but no, I'm gonna fix this one.
Found this:
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Piece I need is the leftmost one.
but, the website comes up as "Forbidden", and email is
returned with a permanant, fatal error:(
Unless someone out there better at using Google or another
search engine can point me to just buying them, making is
the choice.
No milling machine, but I can cobble up a dremel routing
attachment that would cut a composite.
Something fiber reinforced would be good, that doesnt become
brittle, which is how the originals failed.
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Go down to the plastic store and rummage thru the scrap bin for a cube of plastic and drill a hole part-way thru it.
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I just wire the legs to the old one with some fencing wire. Karl
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Mike has the right ideal. I always save bits and pieces of solid plastic or rubber I come across just for this type of situation. Months ago I bought some one and a half inch by 18 inch plexiglass dowels. A dollar each. Kinda like grab bars. I figured I would buff one out. I made it into a monocular, but then I figured I would use them to transfer light, like a giant monofiliment. Not great idea, But I keep saving them knowing something will come up. Now you gave me the idea. I will cut them into one inch lengths, reduce the circumference on one half inch. creating a collar stop, and tap them into my lawn chair legs for feet! See through feet. Thanks.
Older cars had rubber stops under the hood by the radiator to cushion and level the closed hood. They look like a black mushroom with a threaded stem to adjust the height which would level the closed hood, keeping it aligned. These are tough rubber. You can buy them as aftermarket "Help" objects at AutoZone or any parts store. Buy some rubber sealer, put it around the threads and tap the stem up into the chair leg. When the sealer dries, cut the excess of the mushroom top off to be even with the circumference of the leg, or leave it alone for a new appearance.
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azjohn on Sun, 12 Aug 2012 22:12:24 -0700 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:
Sounds like chair/table leveling feet. 1/4-20 thread and a pad. Local hardware store.
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pyotr filipivich
Hey John and Pyotr:
Have a look at the part Gary needs:
Gary > "Piece I need is the leftmost one."
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Gary > "Something fiber reinforced would be good, that doesnt become brittle, which is how the originals failed."
Your leveling feet appear to be 'the wrong size miter gauge to pound in those sheetrock screws with.' :)
Sounds to me like he really needs a block of FR-4 and Many Many carbide ball-endmills.
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