Looking to sell huge lego collection (2,735 parts!)

Hello all,

I would like to sell my whole Lego collection that is for sale on my Bricklink shop. The total value of all the parts is $452.48, but if I can get a buyer, I'll offer to sell it for $442.00. I am looking to get a car soon, so I need the money.

The collection, which includes 11 copies of the new City Fire Set 7241, minifigs, and instructions can be viewed here:

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also, check out my Lego related items on Ebay under user name Impala1214

Thanks! Joe

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2,735 parts isn't very many (I've got well over 10 times that). Also, your asking price works out to just over $0.16 per piece (not good, IMHO).

City Fire Set 7241 is going for $8 at the site you reference (is that your site?), but at the Lego Shop at Home website, it's selling for $2.99 for 46 pieces. That's about $0.065 per piece, which isn't bad for a retail price on a small set with a minifig. Note that this is far below your "sale" price for your collection.

In my opinion, you're just asking far too much money for what you've got. I didn't look at everything in your store, but what I did see looked to be mostly newer pieces. In other words, nothing that you can't buy in stores today for far less than $0.16 per piece, even at retail prices.

I'm sorry I'd guess your "collection" online is worth more like $100 to $150 ($0.036 to $0.055 per piece), depending on the buyer and what they're looking for.


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Jeff Findley

Hello Jeff,

I'm just going by value on each piece by seeing how much they sell for on Bricklink's price guide.

I'm also just trying to make money for school and to buy a car. If you do not like my prices, then you don't have to shop in my store. I've had many satisfied customers from both BL and Ebay; some of which came back to buy more. There are other shops on BL that are selling the 7241 Fire Car for more than what I'm selling it for.

Thank you for your interest, Joe

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