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I was looking at various sources for a fill in collet. One of my sets of ER25s came with a 6mm instead of a 1/4. Grrr... Anyway, I was looking at collets and saw rubber sealed ER collets listed for sale. What are those for? Coolant through tooling?

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Bob La Londe
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I'd be pissed, too...using an undersized collet is a definite = no-no....suggest contact the seller or buy a 1/4in collet asap

Here's a good read on the topic:

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You might recognize the author, Dan Murphy, who used to post here fairly = often...

--of all of the machinists I've been aquainted with over my lifetime ( = and there have literally been thousands ) he would easily rate into the = top ten so far as expertise in the field is concerned.=20


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I have a 1/4" in my other set, but a couple times I have had need of two of them at the same time in order to make a job go faster. I was ignored by the seller, but the set was inexpensive enough. I think they were retiring, and just made a mistake when they packed up the set and shipped it to me. The 1/4" one probably went out to whoever bought their metric collets. LOL.

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Bob La Londe

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