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I purchased a 16X54 Reed Prentice lathe recently. It came with a supply of collects, but the previous owner had never used them. I tried today to use the collets for the first time, but couldn't get the collet to tighten up. I don't know whether something is frozen, or I just don't understand the way the drawbar is supposed to work.

Any information on this particular subject, or anything about this lathe would be appreciated.

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J.S. Reed
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Did you put a bushing in the spindle and then the collet in the bushing?

I think that's the way it works on most lathes.

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Jim Stewart

I have the manual and machine like yours. Can you see a thin walled tube going thru your spindle front to back? they call this the pusher tube I think. I can send you a copy of the parts list and a picture of how everything is supposed to go.

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There is a that has been started. Best regards, craig

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