Cabin Fever

Great show. Anyone see the guy who is building an entire one quarter
scale Model T Ford? Then there was the nuclear submarine model
running submerged beneath the steamboats in the large pond, miniature
boards coming off the model sawmill head saw, piles of model gas and
steam engines, the Starrett rep and his red velvet display boards with
everything you always wanted, the great wheel wood lathe, model
Mercury outboards, a full size Mercury outboard, and on and on.
I even managed to pick up a copy of "LBSC, His Life and
Andy Lofquist of Metal Lathe Accessories has a nice new kit out: a
5c collet chuck. He's also got a simple tool and cutter grinder under
development. He's pretty excited about it.
It was also nice to see the MSC representatives there. I'd always
wondered whether MSC is interested in the hobby business or whether
they just tolerate it. Looks to me like they're interested. They were
online to their entire inventory so you could check stock on any
little tidbit that might have caught your fancy. They had some nice
show specials on drills and taps.
All in all, it looks like the show continues to grow into
something pretty impressive. Every year it seems to get a little
Charles Morrill
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