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MLA owner Andy Lofquist is working hard on a new kit: a tool and cutter grinder. It sounds like an interesting design. Most of the motion is derived from pivots and he's trying to avoid exposed sliding rails such as those that the Quorn has. Like the Tinker Tool and Cutter Grinder, Lofquist's design will use a bench grinder for the grinding wheel. Some priorities he mentioned on the phone:

1) Drill bits. 2) Lathe tools 3) Endmill ends. Endmill and reamer flutes won't be as important to include in the basic design.

He's also particularly concerned that instructions and drawings be absolutely clear. He's made a couple of prototypes and is thinking about bringing at least some pictures to Cabin Fever. I sure hope that he will. I really like Andy a whole lot and think his kits are terrific. He mentioned offhand that he hopes others will also express interest in a new kit so all you MLA fans out there, please express interest if you see him at Cabin Fever or just anyway. If you're new to Andy's kits, surf over to

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and have a look.

Charles Morrill (no commercial connection to MLA other than satisfied customer)

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Charles Morrill
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