Metal Projects in 2013

Please excuse the metalworking topic. I liked the 2013 topic in rec.guns, thought I'd do similar here. Enjoy or ignore as suits.

I actually completed a project in 2013 and have several more ongoing. I built a sail line reel after toting the aluminum plate around for

20+ years. It's electric drive using an old wiper motor. Holds about 1000 yds of 100# mono. I built the sail float and main line years ago, but always hauled it back in with a 12/0 Senator on an 80# class rod. This is a lot easier, sit in lawn chair holding beer, flip switch, and level the line coming back on with the free hand. Works great, already caught a lot of fish. Last trip was a water haul due to a severe cold spell dropping the bay water temp to low 50's. The specs and reds head to deeper water when it drops much below 70.

I started a die filer from the casting kit. Made good progress up to boring the main bearing. I finally decided it was time to set up for line boring. To that end, I've got a chunk of cast iron sitting on the bench to reproduce the top slide for my Delta lathe, with the addition of a slightly thicker offside section with T-slots. Pretty well got that designed.

I started a tool rest for the neighbor to grind his wood lathe tools. Waiting for him to decide what he really wants. Turns out he didn't know.

I'm halfway through designing a KMG type belt grinder for my middle son. We moved all of the blacksmith stuff to his new place when he got married. He's really got into it, is working away in his spare time, and plans to start making knives. I'll post a few pics of his stuff.

So this year, I've got plenty of projects already, plus I might build a studio for my wife's stained glass stuff. If she ok's, I'll build a small building toward the rear of the lot and insulate it well so she can work year round. Garages are hard to heat or cool here.

Having fun in Texas,

Pete Keillor

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