Craftsman/Atlas lathe available

From a friend of mine...I was curious as to whether anyone's looking. I saw
the lathe briefly; it looks in pretty good shape. Post to the group if
you're interested and I'll find out more details. The machine is in the
Mid-Hudson valley area.
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I'd be interested.
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K. A. Cannon
According to NokNokMan :
Well ... I don't need it -- but it might make a difference to others to know what size it is. There was a 6x18" one (of which I have an example), a 12" one (I don't remember the between centers length), and I think that there may have been a 10" one as well.
The 6x18" never had a quick-change gearbox, but there was one available for at least the 12" one -- perhaps also for the 10" one.
So -- these kinds of details -- along with what kind of toolpost, what chucks and faceplates, whether it has a collet closer (and what size if so), and presence of a taper attachment would all make a difference to those who might want it.
Obviously, condition is also important.
Note that the earlier 6x18" (including mine) had plain bearings, while the later one had ball or roller bearings (I'm not sure which.)
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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