Bridi Kaos 40 & Sun Fli 4

Anyone have experience with these two planes? Any real difference between them? I had a G.P. Kaos 40 which I put tip plates on, a snapshot camera in the wing, and converted from retracts to tail dragger after a crash. It was a great flyer :(dearly departed after the elevator servo failed). Buying a fellow's R/C odds and ends I got a Sun Fli 4 kit, and am thinking of building it before getting another Kaos.

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The SunFli 4 was the predecessor to the Original Kaos 60. I think the airfoil is very similar and wing planform is pretty close too tho the tail moment may be slightly shorter. Kaos 60 is one of my favorite planes........

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Atwood Don

Some of the later Sun Fli's came out after the first Kaos's didn't they. Not sure, but the Sun Fli 5 looks a lot sleeker than the first Kaos's.

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I built the Kaos .60 and it is a favorite plane! It has the O.S. .61 FX. The long fuse makes it vary stable in a straight line. Trying the "pattern moves" with it is so much better than short planes. I've noticed nothing that is predictable bad about the plane -- maybe my thumbs, but not the plane!

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Bill Martin

I had a big and a little Kaos, years ago. I believe the secret lay in: absolutely square and straight building; thick airfoil, relatively long tail moment. Combine those elements in any model and you'll have a good one, regardless of the name.

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John R. Agnew

I scratched an all built-up version of Super Kaos this season (enlarged to

1000 sq. in. w/ Saito 180 FS). The plane is very smooth - if you like big, sweeping acrobatics you'll love it. The monster thick airfoil of the original (NACA 0019 root ~ NACA 0017 tip) cuts down the top speed, but really lets you hang low and slow on final.

I would expect the Sun Fli to be very similar.

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Mark D. Fain

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