Anybody have any experience with Semroc ???

They have some classic kit reissues, and I have been thinkin about ordering a couple of then (the Astro 1 was my first rocket back in '70)

Does anybody have any experiences with them, good or bad ?

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John Karpich
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I have ordered from them, and several over at the Yahoo "old rockets" group have also. They are an excellent company. Order are processed and shipped promptly. They notify via email when the order is processed and shipped.

I ordered a couple kits including the Laser-X. It isn't a 100% accurate copy of the Centuri Laser-X I built in the mid 70's, but it is very close. The kits are very high quality, including laser cut balsa fins that don't get crushed like they do with the Estes die-crunch method.

I will order from them again as soon as a few more kits become available.


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So far all feedback has been positive.

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Jerry Irvine

I order from them twice. Shipping was fast and packing was good. Kits look good, parts clean. I haven't built any yet, but planning to start soon.

Plan to order some of the other kits once they come out.

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Bruce Canino

Carl at Semroc has a good thing going. He has very nice kits. Even Vern in the last Sprocketry can be seen with his Semroc hat on.

Semroc kits are very hip. All I have to say on a PA at a Rocket launch is

60s kits , Semroc and the boys and girls come running.


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Technically, you cannot get a better endorsement than that.

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Jerry Irvine

Been thinking about scoring a Astro 1 myself. Always thought of it as the Centuri version of the Alpha.

Ted Novak TRA#5512

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the notorious t-e-d

Great company--good prices, good kits, fast shipping.

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Real nice Kits !

I have the Triton and the Laser-X, both came with quality parts and easy to read instructions....Had the original Laser-X in "69" now it's time to upscale one to fly on G64's !

------------------------------------- Jim Chambers

------------- NAR 80299 L1

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--------------------------------- HAPPY HOLIDAYS !


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Jim Chambers

I'd love to see a big Laser-X on a G!

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I've got two of everything they've produced since they started. (Nope, on second thought, don't have a Hydra yet.) I've built the Sky Hook, Micron and Lil Hercules, and have the Laser X on the table as I type. Quality has been uniformly excellent and shipping has been lightning fast. I'm going to order a couple of Astro 1's tonight.

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Fantastic customer service and cool old classic kits.

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Scott D. Hansen

I've known Carl (the owner) for a couple years now. He's a stand-up guy and seems to have good products.


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Mark Johnson

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