LOC Norad Pro Max Question

Short Question: Does this kit have a pre-slotted body tube?

Longer Question: Do any LOC kits have pre-slotted body tubes?


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The Norad (regular 29mm version) I built a while ago had a pre-slotted tube.

-dave w

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David Weinshenker

I'm not sure about the Pro Max , but Loc ( the last I knew) did have a few kits that do. The Loc 4 , Mini Mag , Forte' , Caliber ISP , EZ I65 , to name a few.


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Almost all of them do. Very nicely die cut as best as I can tell. IIRC the Aura does not. Every other LOC kit I've built has had pre-slotted tubes. Except the Cyclotron which has tube fins and doesn't need slots.

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