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This may not be a right place to post my question. However, I did not find a discussion group on Pro/Mechanica. Surely someone here knows enough about Pro/Mechanica to answer my question. It is a simple question. How do you specify torque load in Pro/Mechanica.

Thanks. R.K.

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Dear RK,

The reason that you can't apply torques directly in Mechanica (or any other FE method) is that solid do not have rotational degrees of freedom. To apply torques you have to convert them to traction loads. This is achieved using the 'Total Load at Point' function. Create a point on the surface to which you want to apply torque, then apply the moment as normal, ensuring that the 'Total Load at Point' option is selected and that you have selected the previously created point.

The best place for Mechanica discussions is either the PTCUser mailing list

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or the MCAD Central Analysis forum
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