Anyone have experience with these planes?

I've been looking to add to the collection and to get into what will be
my first aileron plane.
I found the Potensky Eagle and Cobra out there on the web and they seem
quite interesting to me as a trainer / first plane of that class.
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I have and regularly fly a couple of 3 channel park fliers, a
stick-built sailplane (Spectra) and an old Zagi 3C for slope soaring.
Most of my flying is right at home, as I do live in the middle of
nowhere and have nothing but cows and alfalfa to crash into.
Have you any experience with these planes to share?
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The Eagle's motor speed appears much easier to control judging by the hovering video.
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John Doe
I have one, and a friend of mine has another based on these two examples,
the eagle isn't a bad plane, but it does require you to be quick of wit and thumb if you are going to keep it in the air. in other words, a trainer, it isn't
the gearbox is terribly fragile, the folding prop wasn't any better
if you are up to the challenge, they WILL make a better pilot of you though, and can be a lot of fun.
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Bob Cowell
do a search on the ezone for mountain models you will see thousands of rabidly satisfied customers.
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No, don't work there...but I do fly 5 of their planes
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David Poles
A couple of people I know have the Cobra. It is a nice flying, tough airframe. The stock motor has to be pushed very hard to get nice performance and so does not last long at all. Best to buy the version without the motor and invest in a 100 watt class brushless.
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mike tully
Hmmm Interesting. So many choices... So little time.
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