Crashed Saturday

Saturday was my first time out in a couple of months.
Last time, the nose gear broke out part of the firewall on a bad landing.
We decided to convert the plane to tail dragger while it was down. The
plane is a Global Right Flyer 60H.
My instructor took off the first time and said he thought it handled better
as a tail dragger than as a trike. After he confirmed the trims were OK, he
switched it to me and we again verified the trims. I flew around for 10-12
minutes and asked Paul if there was anything special I needed to know about
landing a tail dragger. He said most important is to bleed off a lot of the
airspeed so it doesn't bounce back into the air. I landed a little hot and
bounced off the runway into the tall grass. No damage, refuel, ready to go
I tried to take off and got squirrely on the ground and tried to force it
into the air. I guess I was still using the rudder because it flew very
different and stalled before Paul could take over. It crashed on the runway
with the only apparent damage being a broken prop and cracked aluminum
spinner. Put on another prop and tried again. Takeoff run was not really
pretty but I got it safely in the air. Flight was good, it died on landing
approach and I was coming up short and tried to stretch the glide. Stalled
it at about 3 feet and it fell out of the air. No damage; try for flight
number 3.
Takeoff slightly less exciting than the others, still don't know how to
drive a tail dragger. Flew more smoothly than either of the previous
flights. I guess I came in really fast. When it hit the ground, the
landing gear sheared the four 10-32 nylon screws, flipped under the plane,
and then sheared the stab off of both sides. The plane bounced up and glided
toward the pits. It skimmed the top of a pilot box and landed in an open
area of the pits. Paul had released the trainer switch and had no rudder or
aileron control to try to put it into the ground. Maybe it was just going
too slow for the controls to be effective, but I definitely will need to
check the Rx before it goes up again.
The wing suffered a little damage to the sheeting where it sits on the
fuselage and there's a crack along the edge of the windshield (both probably
not noticed after crash on takeoff number 2). The ARF calls for the stab to
just be bolted in, but it seemed wobbly that way so it was epoxied. Cutting
it out will not be simple.
I'm almost finished with a Great Planes PT-60 kit. My first kit. I guess
the timing is actually pretty good. I'll get the PT-60 in the air and
continue my training while I figure out how to fix the Right Flyer.
Sorry for the rambling,
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Sorry to hear about the damage to your plane.
Sounds like you were having fun, however.
Mission accomplished!
I'm sure you'll enjoy the PT-60, too.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Had my Slowstick out thursday. Cold as hell = ground frozen hard. After crash #1 the little keeper plate that holds the elevator control horn in place had popped off on impact. I reinstalled and took her back up - not expecting that the plate had stripped out and was barely holding on. So im noodling around and flip her into a fast loop -facing into the wind. At about 270 degrees into the loop, the elevator control lets go. It screwed into the frozen ground in a straight dive from about 60 feet up. Amazingly, it only broke the prop, prop shaft of the gearbox and a couple rubberbands.
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You should have epoxied the control horns in place like most of us do on the Slow //Stick
her into a fast
elevator control lets
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Finally did that. My epoxy was nfg, finally broke down saturday and bought some new stuff - that actually hardens. Three Excellent flights today though. mild wind. Lots inverted, loops & stall turns. No crashes. I feel like a kid again. 8)
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