Astro Hog to Hog Bipe?

How difficult it would be to convert an old, already-built Astro Hog into
its bipe cousin? I realize new wings would be needed as the bipe's wings
are both shorter and thinner, but what else would I be getting into?
Morris Lee
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Morris Lee
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I believe the fuselage of the bipe is also shorter than the Astro Hog's... The bipe is a taildragger with fuse mounted gear, rather than the Astro's wing mounted gear. There are many years of development and changes in building techniques between the two...
Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and get the Hog Bipe kit. It's an easy build and you'll be rewarded with the finest sport-flying bipe you ever saw.
There are a few changes I recommend, and if you decide to build one, just email for details..
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Bill Fulmer
I think it would be fairly difficult. There is quite a bit of difference in the 2. You could convert it to a biplane, but it wont be or fly like a Hog Bipe. For one thing the wing cord is probably less and the wing saddle is farther back on teh fuse on the Bipe than the Hog. You would have to do some pretty extensive mods to the forward fuse for the Cabans to mount to, if you want to do it like the Hog Bipe kit.
Personally if I wanted a Hog Bipe, I would build the kit, trying to modify a Astrohog will probably be near as much work, and twice the headache.
-- Eric Kler FUBAR Hill -
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Thanks to all! The Hog will stay a Hog until I pick up a Hog Bipe. -- Morris Lee
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Morris Lee

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