Super Sportster 40 vs. SS Bipe question

Anyone out there built both the SS 40 and the SS Bipe? Other than the extra wing, of course, how many other differences are there? I have several SS 40 kits (original and MKII) and plans for the SS Bipe and am wondering how much of a hassle it would be to convert one of the 40s to a Bipe. I have built a few kits but never done a kit bash (other than adding a 4 stroke or second aileron servo type of thing) and have never done a build strictly from a set of plans. I have an SS 20 that I built so I am somewhat familiar with the design of the plane.

Rant On: I had a SS Bipe kit but some lowlife scumbag swiped it and at least one other kit from my garage one day. Nothing else was taken. The boxes happened to be sitting on a stool near the door so they were a grab of opportunity. I know the asshole just tossed it once he found it was a box of wood and not the pretty toy he saw on the label. Rant Off.

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