GP Super Sportster 40 MkII ARF

Got one on the way from Tower. In case anyone here has experience
with the ARF version of the SS40 MkII I'd like to hear about it.
I built the MkII kit when it was first released so I know what to
expect in the flight envelope department. It's a great flyer, a
wonderful sport plane. Also, I think it's really neat that an
airplane that began life in the early seventies as a magazine plan for
the "RCM Sportster," by Joe Bridi, is having such a long run.
Texas Pete
AMA 59376 maybe
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Pete Kerezman
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A great plane, pun not intended. I like flying mine, snaps and spins like crazy. A quick and easy put together too.
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I've had one for a couple of seasons. It flies well and is quite fast on an OS 46. It has a light wingloading, and responds quickly.
The Bad? The design puts the centerline of the fuel tank farther below the centerline of a 2 stroke carb than I like. I have had a few flame outs on touch and goes that I can't explain, as the engine idles and accelerates perfectly on the test stand. I may add a Cline regulator and see if that helps. On mine the factory installed a landing gear block that had the grain running the wrong way in the part. On my second landing ( a near grease job ) the gear tore out. It was an easy fix, but a bit of a pain to have to "rebuild" a brand new plane when it wasn't your fault. GP offered to send a new wing, but it was quicker to just fix it that wait for a new wing.
Mark D. Fain
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Mark D. Fain
Yeh. Like I said I built the MkII kit when it was released, and it turned out to be a marvelous flyer.
Never had that problem on the kit version, Fox .46 BB Schneurle. This one gets a GMS .47.
The bad so far on my sample is the monokote job. More wrinkles than a fat lady's panty hose on a skinny gal. I'm havin' to turn the iron up to "hurt" to de-wrinkle the covering.
Construction looks to be okay. I might peek under the covering in the l.g. area though, to see about installing a gram or two of prevention.
Texas Pete AMA 59376
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Pete Kerezman

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