K&B sportster engine

I have just aquired a Super Chipmunk with a .65 K&B Sportster engine. The
radio system is Airtronics. Just wondering if anyone out there has any
experience with them...anything I should know?
I also plan on re-covering this plane with it's original color
scheme...should I dismantle everything or is it possible to cover it again
without having to dismantle?
Also, can I set up aileron, rudder on the same servo so I can have a
coordinated rudder? Does this require a Y cable? Thanks in advance.
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Darren Earle
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Just an extra note...the radio currently has the aileron with the throttle on the left, and rudder and elevator on the right. Can I simply change the plugs on the receiver to have aileron, rudder and elevator on the right using the Y cable as previously mentioned?
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Darren Earle
From what I've heard, the K&B .65 isn't a screamer, but it can swing very large props for its size. Depending on how it transitions, you might even be able to do some 3D stuff with a big, low-pitched prop.
Airtronics radios are good systems. However, their older receivers and servos used a different plug and wiring order than the standard. You may have to buy some adapters to use the original receiver with new servos.
You can re-cover a plane without dismantling it, but you need to pay special attention to hinged areas by ironing your covering as far down into the hinge gap as possible. A better idea would be to cover both surfaces separately, and then iron a thin strip of covering down into the gap. It looks neat, and also makes the plane fly better since it seals the gap.
IMHO, hooking up ailerons and rudder to a single servo is asking for trouble! Either learn to use both sticks to coordinate turns or get yourself a computer radio that has aileron-rudder mixing. Servos are relatively cheap now, so why try to control two different attitude controls with only one servo?
-- Morris Lee snipped-for-privacy@verizon.net
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Morris Lee
I agree with Morris--it is easy to mix the ailerons with the rudder, with modern radios, but with an acrobatic plane you really don't want that. I do that with my multi-channel gliders, because I'm just looking for coordinated turns, but an acrobatic plane is another thing altogether. Use both thumbs. You'll like it.
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