Gabreski P-47 and AM A-36 questions

A question on the color scheme on Gabreski's P-47 bubbletop. Pictures in
Squadron"s Aces of the 8th shows a 3/4 front veiw of the plane with Gabreski
sitiing in the cockpit. Caption says the plane is painted in British colors
with nat metal undereside. I was wondering if there is any more definitive
information or other opinions on the underside color.
Also, does anyone make a replacement propellor for the Accurate Miniature
A-36/P-51 kits.
Thanks in advance
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Don't know about Gabreski's colors but Pend Orielle makes a resin replacement prop for the AM A-36. I ordered one through Aviation Usk.
Steve New
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Probably Natural Metal undersurfaces at first. Maybe Medium Sea Grey later. I think people are still fighting over that. Much has to do with the state of update of the paint in extant photos. Note also changes in kill markings and configuration of invasion stripes.
The Monogram Wildcat prop is a good replacement.
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Frank Koval
You ordered one but did you get it?
Bill shuey
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William H. Shuey
Frank & Geoff,
I had the pleasure to meet Gabby and his ground crew at the IPMS Nationals a year before his death. I asked Gabby that same question, but he couldn't remember. His crew chief did and answered "gray". Is this definitive? Who knows? The memory 60 years later of a elder gentlemen of a relatively unimportant(at the time)detail may be questionable.
Hope this helps.
Kaliste Saloom #30703 IPMS/Acadiana Plastic Modelers Society Lafayette, LA
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Kaliste Saloom
That is how he remembers it and that is how I will paint it!
Thanks for all the replies.
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Geoff Murphy

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