Online Vids: WW2 Test Planes, Shuttling B-17s to Russia, A-20 Havocs, Roaming P-47s & Tommy Guns

Zeno=92s Warbird Video Drive-In Very Big December 2008 Newsletter
Hello World War 2 plane fans ---
You=92re invited to drop by Zeno's Drive-In
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for this month=92s holiday offering of five exciting World War II
documentary films playing over Internet. December marks the record
breaking introduction of four Premiers at the Matinee, and the return
of one of our most popular films ever, "The 362nd Fighter Group on the
Prowl Over Germany."
Just like the day we opened on July 15, 1997, all the World War II
aircraft videos playing on our site are showing for free, for your
viewing pleasure.
Now showing =93At the Matin=E9e=94
=93Profile of a World War II Test Pilot=94 -- Premier! This film was
developed by personnel at the Army Air Corps top secret Wright Field
flight test facility during World War 2 to give pilots the low down on
what to expect if they joined their aircraft testing program. As such,
the film is both informative and engaging, with plenty of info about
flight testing at that time, including climb, level flight, take off
and landing, test instruments, and pilot responsibilities. But, there
is much more . You also get a look behind the curtain at Wright Field
at some of the rarest and most bizarre aircraft produced during World
War II, including one-off prototypes. You'll see a Bell P-63 Kingcobra
doing aerobatic spin & stall tests, a Bell P-59 Airacomet jet fighter,
a Plat-LePage XR-1A twin rotor helicopter, a tiny Bell XP-77 fighter,
a Curtiss XP-60C with contra-rotating props, a weird hybrid B24/B-17,
a beautiful 20-mm canon equipped test P-51A from the first Mustang
production run, captured enemy aircraft, and more. This film is a real
gem and beautifully preserved.
=93The 362nd Fighter Group On the prowl over Germany.=94 Exclusive
Production. This video contains some of the most exciting color air
action sequences to come out of World War II. Select 362nd Fighter
Group P-47 Thunderbolt fighter/bombers were especially equipped with
extra color movie cameras to capture thrilling ground and air attacks
as they happened. These squadrons were tasked with striking targets
inside Nazi Germany as the war against the Third Reich entered it's
final act in Spring, 1945. The result is unique from the cockpit views
putting you in the middle of attacks on tanks, airfields, trucks, rail
yards, bridges, trains, fighters, and more. You'll even see
antiaircraft fire arcing up from the ground, bursting around the big
Thunderbolts as they make their low level strikes. You'll see 362nd CO
Col. Joe Laughlin and the pilots and crews of the 377th, 378th and
379th Fighter Squadrons and their aircraft in living color.
=93Operation Titanic: Shuttle Bombing Missions to Russia=94 - Premier! The
problem: key Axis strategic assets were located so deep in Eastern
Europe that they either could not be reached by Allied bombers or
involved a lengthy round trip that exposed aircraft to heavy German
attacks. The solution was =93Operation Titanic,=94 aka =93Operation
Frantic,=94 one of the most audacious and least known strategic
operations of the war. During the Tehran Conference, 27 November - 2
December 1943, the the Americans, British and Russians hammered out
plans for a =93shuttle bombing=94 campaign. U.S. 15 Air Force bombers and
fighters based in Italy would bomb targets in the East, land in
Russia, refuel & rearm, and then hit another target on the way back.
8th Air Force bombers based in the UK did the same. The Soviets
provided three bases in the Ukraine; heavy bombers at Poltava and
Mirgorod and the fighters at Piryatin. The US provided material to
substantially upgrade them. This film tells that story.
=93A-20 Havocs in Color with 416th Bomb Group Scrapbook=94 -- Premier!
Exclusive Production Rare color footage of 416th Bomb Group A-20
Havocs (aka "Bostons") taken before the Group transitioned to A-26s in
the Fall of 1944 -- plus many memorable still photos taken by 416
Group photog, Seargent Cachat. Includes over 200 pictures, including
dramatic combat shots, detailed photo analysis of target strikes in
France, Belgium, and Germany, and some of the most memorable crew
photos we've ever seen.
=93Mastering the Thompson Submachine Gun, Part 6: Marksmanship=94 --
Premier! Originally developed as the .45 caliber =93Trench Broom" for
close-in fighting at the end of World War I, no other weapon is more
surrounded by legend and mystique than the =93Tommy Gun.=94 Used by both
gangsters and law enforcement officers during the =93Roaring Twenties=94,
it was frequently shown in period films and in posed photographs, its
drum magazine and instant fire power making it immediately
recognizable. During World War II, the Thompson came into it=92s own for
it=92s originally intended purpose, making war along side the US Army
and Marine Corps and was much prized by the Allies.
If you haven't stopped by Zeno's Drive-In before, we also feature
1940-45 vintage WWII Army & Navy films and pilot=92s manuals on how to
fly the F4U, F6F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, TBF/TBM, AT-6/
SNJ, B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20, A-26, B-26, B-29, and Stearman N2S .
Alert! =96 Alert! There=92s been an F-86 jet sighted over Zeno=92s Drive-In=
That's over 16 hours of rockin' World War II props for free viewing
over the Internet!
Check Six!!
Zeno=92s Warbird Video Drive-In /World War II Aviation Videos.
Celebrating 11 years on the Internet 1997-2008
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PS, If you have any concerns about using the RealNetworks RealPlayer
to watch our videos, I recommend using the =93RealAlternative=94 media
player instead. (It's what I use.) It will play RealVideo files just
fine, is independently produced, a small download, and has none of the
purported vices of RealNetwork=92s RealPlayer. You can download the
RealAlternative player here:
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Online Vids: WW2 Test Planes, Shuttling B-17s to Russia, A-20 Havocs,
Roaming P-47s & Tommy Guns
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