Web Videos: Rampaging P-47s, A-20 Havocs, The Hornet, Jolly Green Giants, Fallschrimjeager & more

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Hello World War 2 & jet aircraft scale modelers --
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this month's parade of six exciting aviation & combat documentary
films playing over the Internet.
All of the videos shown on our web site are for your free viewing
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"The 362nd Fighter Group Color On the prowl over Germany" Exclusive
original documentary -- some of the most exciting color air action
sequences to come out of World War 2! 362nd Fighter Group P-47
Thunderbolt fighter/bombers were specially equipped with color movie
cameras to capture thrilling ground and air attacks as they happened,
striking targets in Spring, 1945. The result is unique from the
cockpit views putting you in the middle of attacks on tanks,
airfields, trucks, rail yards, bridges, trains, fighters, and more.
"A-20 Havocs in Color with 416th Bomb Group Scrapbook" Rare color
footage of 416th Bomb Group A-20 Havoc attack bombers (aka "Bostons")
taken before the Group transitioned to A-26s in the fall of 1944 --
plus many memorable still photos taken by 416 Group photog, Sargent
Cachat. Includes over 200 pictures, including dramatic combat shots,
detailed photo analysis of target strikes in France, Belgium, and
Germany, and some of the most memorable crew photos we've ever seen.
"Avoiding and Controlling Spins & Stalls in World War 2 Aircraft"
Learn why aircraft spins and stalls happen and how to deal with them
in this thorough Wold War 2 US Navy training film. Features examples
using an F6F Hellcat, F4U Corsair, PBY Catalina & more!
"USAF 20th Helicopter Squadron CH-3C Jolly Green Giant helicopters
support Marine Delta Force amphibious landing during "Operation
Double Eagle" in Vietnam." Color New, Exclusive documentary from
recently released raw footage. Excellent color. Operation Double Eagle
in late January, 1966 was the largest Marine amphibious assault since
the Korean War and the largest conducted during the Vietnam War. 5,000
marines from 1st Marines, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 2nd Battalion,
4th Marines, and 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines landed by ship and
helicopter in southern Quang Ngai Province near Duc Pho. Great quality
color footage shows 20th Squadron "Jolly Green Giant" CH-3C helos
operating out of Danang supporting the amphibious landing in a variety
of roles including ferrying 105mm howitzers from "Red Beach" inland to
forward fire bases, transporting causalities and captured VC, bringing
in spare parts and ferrying civilians from the combat zone to safe
"The Life & Death of the U.S.S Hornet" The dramatic story of the
legendary aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet (CV-8), from her launching
by Newport News through her dramatic loss after the Battle of Santa
Cruz. In between , you'll see some of the best footage we have of the
Hornet's role in the launching of Col. Jimmy Doolittle's amazing B-25
bomber strike on Tokyo on 18 April, 1942. You'll also see memorable
scenes from her participation in the Battle of Midway, including up
close footage of the immortal heroes of Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8), all
of whom, except one lone survivor, Ensign George Gay, lost their lives
flying unescorted against the Japanese fleet in their out-dated
Douglas TBD Devastators. Their sacrifice helped draw protecting
Japanese fighters away from their carriers, leading to the loss of
three of them that day to US dive bombers. Hornet received four battle
stars for World War II service.
"Sky Blitz" This documentary on the airborne invasion of Holland in
May 1941 was captured from the Germans and turned into a training tool
by the US Army Air Corp. That's because it's a text book case of the
effective use of airborne troops that influenced US doctrine. This
dramatic, action filled film focuses on the capture and securing of a
strategic lynch pin in the defense of Holland, the massive Moerdijk
bridge. You'll see crack "Fallschrimjeager" troops seize the bridge in
tact before it can be blown by the Dutch. Useful maps portray tactical
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Web Videos: Rampaging P-47s, A-20 Havocs, The Hornet, Jolly Green
Giants, Fallschrimjeager & more
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