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I got Squadron's "in Action" book on German Cruisers of WWII (very
helpful for the ship-ignorant)
and they use the term 'superfire'. I'm getting from context that it
means the gun turret to the rear is mounted on a pedestal so that it can
fire its guns over the one in front. Am I correct?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
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Hi there.
I think that Superfire refers to a higher than normal rate of fire of the guns.
Cheers from Peter
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Sir Ridesalot
Correct. It was figured out that for the most part blast from one turret will not have a material effect (note I did not indicate gun crew heariing!) on the lower one, but this is machts nichts as most of the time the turrets are not on the centerline (fore and aft) when firing but pointed over the side. But it generally is only used for two turrets as three or more make the ship topheavy and give it an unwanted high profile.
Cookie Sewell
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tony gibbons says yes.
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