PPM signal decoding and driving 10 RC servo motors

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Is there an open source PIC project out there which can do PPM signal decoding from a RC (Radio Control) transmitter and drive 10 servo motors with a PIC (PIC18F6680) and a CD4017 decade counter?

Appearetly some how using a CD4017 decade counter with a microcontroller helps to minimize the processing load on the controller to manage multiple RC servos. (Do you know how?)


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I don;t see why you need more than a 4017 actually..

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The Natural Philosopher

The 4017 is a "johnson" counter, which means that it only outputs one '1' at a time -- think of it as a shift register that never takes more than one '1'.

Basically what you do is set up the timer on your PIC to output a pulse train similar to what would come out of an RC transmitter (do a web search for the details). The 4017 decodes this for your 10 servos. This only relieves the software load on the PIC in the sense that it allows you to use it's one timer (I assume the 6680 has a timer) instead of synthesizing the pulses in software.

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Tim Wescott

There are similar projects for the Atmel AVR series. In fact you could probably use a small one (eg ATtiny2313, 20 pin DIP or SO) to drive 10 servo motors directly (with appropriate driver transistors etc).


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Of course if you are comfortable with the PIC series and suitably equipped, you may want to stay with PIC.



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