Prop save for a GWS Slow Stick?

Does anyone know of a prop saver that will work with a GWS Slow Stick? Do I have to remove the nose cone to make it work?

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Peter Olcott
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Depends on the motor you have.

Normally the output shaft of your motor will have a certain diameter (2mm,

2.3mm, 3mm, 3.17mm, 4mm and so on), and you buy a prop saver corresponding to that diameter.

Look for something like this:

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If your motor has a spinner, you need to remove it.

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Angel Abusleme

The first link looks like what you want for the Slow Stick. I think you are going to have to lose the spinner since it grips the prop shaft. You might be able to thread the nuts that hold the prop saver in far enough that the prop shaft sticks out some but that would probably reduce the propsaveability.

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