Gear for Slow Stick ?

Hey all-
I've decided to go with a GWS Slow Stick based on the many
recommendations for it, but now I've gotta decide on the radio gear
for it. I already have a 5-ch futaba PCM/FM radio. This plane will
be my trainer, so I'm looking for nice slow predictable handling, not
30 run times and blazing performance. I also consider cost a bit of
an issue, so I don't need the latest and greatest necessarily.
On, they recommend a Mini flight pack specifically
for the Slow Stick, consisting of:
2 Mini Standard Servos
1 R4N 4 Channel Receiver
1 ICS100 ESC
1 400mAh, 6 cell battery
However, I've heard people say they've outfitted them with pico,
micro, etc. servos, which could save a lot of weight. Here are the
weights, taken from the GWS website:
mini servo 0.94oz
micro servo 0.63oz
naro servo 0.31oz
pico servo 0.19oz
The problem is that the other GWS flight packs come with either too
many servos, a 270mAh battery, no speed control, or some other thing
that makes it a less-than-ideal choice. Does anyone have any
experience with this mini flight pack? Is it small enough?
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Korey Atterberry
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Scroll down to "Hitec Electron 6 Electric Flight Pack" on this page:
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shipping on any order over $100!
Also price a similar configuration at Servo City:
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John - Thanks! That's a great link! Now I can choose what I want and still get a package discount. I also noticed they're selling the GWS charger I was considering for $10 cheaper than Horizon is.
Thanks, Korey
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Korey Atterberry

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