suitable servos for the Slow Stick

Ok, I couldn´t resist it, I bought a Slow Stick kit the other day.
Now, I´m in the process of installing the radio gear in it and I have a
couple of spare Hitec "feather" HS50 micro servos I´d like to use. However,
they look so small compared to the slow stick!
Can I really use these micro servos or should I get a couple of mini servos
instead? The control surfaces are quite big on this bird, although it is
supposed to fly real slow, makes me wonder if there is enough force in the
micro servos for it...
Thinking of putting my Li-Poly battery pack on this one, should make it fly
nicely for a while without too much weight added.
Any thoughts on the servos?
TIA, Ken
From the land of the "more lakes than you would believe"
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Ken Mattsson
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I say use the micro servos... although this thing wouldn't care if you flew standards on it. Weight simply doesn't affect it much. Maybe just stay away from loops with the micros.
I fly a 2100 mA lipo on mine. keeps it up forever.
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micros are fine. that's what I use and I loop the slow stik with no problem with the micros.
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I use Hitec micro's in mine but they are the HS 81's with about 36 oz/in of torque. Weight is about 1/2 oz. I also have some HS 50's still in the box. I just looked at the specs and they only have 8.4 oz/in of torque and only weigh 5.8 grams. Sure are cute little fellas LOL
I wouldn't use them in my Slow stick the way I fly it but they may be OK. I would feel much better with a more powerful servo. The 81's are also about about 18.00 compared to about 28.00 for the HS 50...... Tower price.
Ken Day
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Ken Day

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