backyard plane - suitable kit?

What is a good slow flyer that I can fly inside a backyard? I am
looking for something that would probably be considered an indoor
flyer. Also, where can I get a motor, esc. and compatible LiPolys for
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Joel, Depending on the size of your back yard, I don't think you can beat a GWS Slow Stick for getting started in electric. Mine flys great on 9.6v 800mah NiHM (eight cell stick) pack, most fun I've in a long time. I fly it out in front of my house about dusk, take-off on the drive-way and land on the street when no cars are coming. Looks like a big giant bat as it gets darker. Makes the dogs bark in the neighborhood. I'm using a GWS ICS100 controller (5 amp), HS-81 servos and regular sized receiver. Weighs in at about 17 oz. It's been so hot this summer that I'v been able to catch thermals off the house in the evening. 15-20 minutes flights are a breeze.
$34.95 at your LHS, and it comes with the right motor and prop. Or you can get it and all the other stuff you need at Dave gives good service, and has all the lastest Li-po's and NiHM batts. I get my orders in two days.
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Good luck, Doug
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Doug Dorton

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