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In trying to set up the rudder pull-pull cables, I've noticed that one of the wires has a kink in it as it exists the fuselage. I've looked into lengthening the exit hole or moving the servo, but that is not going to help. Has anyone used a guide of some sort in order to introduce a "bend" in the pull-pull cable system?

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Kevlar Pull Pull cable or nylon coated steel fishing trace work well sliding through nylon tube which has been bent [while hot to retain bend without stress] or light brass tube which has had ends rounded and flared to prevent abrasions. For sharp turns, visit the Boating section of your LHS and get some pulleys which are easily mounted in place similar to many full size aircraft.. A very good pdf file on servo conversions and how to install gear in yachts is found at =

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(warning - 16 pages but worthwhile) for a good range of "blocks" check out Cap Marquettes =
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and click on blocks = X 3 "weights" pages. picture appears as each item is clicked. Graham Bantok (UK) also provides very good blocks. (pulleys)

see photos and explanations of Pull Pull systems at three good sites =

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and for much more information visit Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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and scroll down all the headers.

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