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(x-post reason: designing hovercraft.. is both air/water craft :-)

Hi all,

I'm going to design a RC hovercraft. But instead of using the old calculator and paper (and pencil), I want to use the computer to design it.

Is there any software available to design RC crafts? (or maybe a program that's made to design the 'real' thing)

A program I found is: Winfoil.

I kow that the industrie for the real things is using computers as well, is there any software available that looks the same (3D designs etc. maybe even airodinamics simulation) and has the same quality?

Any tip is welcome, doen't have to be free software. (I'm willing to pay for it)

Many thanks, Sven Goosen (Holland)

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Sven Goosen
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I haven't seen anything on it. Most of the R&D done in this field that would involve computers doesn't scale well to our designs. I've got some engineering books covering designs. While the concepts are the same, the charts and graphs all have exponential or geometric slopes that don't extend into our size range. I doubt anything is available without doing some tweaking on it.

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John Alt

"John Alt" schreef in bericht

Hmm I thought something like this would be a problem. So.. not using the earodynamica, is there anything out to design RC crafts? I know there is software to design kites with (a other hoby from me), and I'm thinking of using a program like this to design the skirt with (if there's nothing else to design the whole craft with)

well, Many thanks for your clear awnser, Sven Goosen

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Sven Goosen

One excellent program for this job is Autocad which is professional computer aided design software, reasonably priced if you are a millionaire at around £3,500

There are a range of much lower priced programs Ityped Computer Aided Design Software in Google and found 100's


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Clive Croucher

Used to be a free 2D version of Turbo Cad available for download.

It works fine, and one sure can't complain on the price.


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