RC Helicopters from The Source?

Hi folks, just started lurking here this afternoon!

Got back from The Source (here in Canada) with a Radio Controlled Helicopter called "The Mosquito"... Uber-small, looks like fun.

I'm a throttle-jockey for a living, so I figured the chance to torment the cats would be worth it.

So far I've had a few *slightly* successful test flights, but I'm starting to wonder - Will this machine EVER be stable and flyable enough to have full control over? Will I eventually be able to say, sit on my couch and takeoff from my coffee table, landing on my entertainment center 10 feet away?

I guess I'm wondering if the machine is capable of precision, or is it just something to tool around with until it breaks and I start complaining about being out $90.

Let me know now while the package is still intact. ;^)

Thanks all, Craig

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On 2 Nov 2006 14:33:03 -0800, "TheMilkGuy" wrote in :


You might also want to try .

I haven't flown the Mosquito, so I don't know.

You might want to increase the odds in your favor by starting out in a larger space, free from hard obstacles, then working your way down to the smaller spaces inside if, in fact, you and the helicopter prove up to it.

On larger helis, people often strap light dowels to the skids to make it harder to turn the copter all the way over. Two dowels in the shape of an X, sometimes with balls at the ends of the dowels to allow them to skitter across the ground without digging in. I don't know wither a rig like that would prove useful for your purposes.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

Thanks for the tips, Martin - I have posted the message there as well in hopes of some advice.

Cheers, Craig

Mart> On 2 Nov 2006 14:33:03 -0800, "TheMilkGuy" wrote in

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