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Stick, Read this page, what it says is true.
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Bill Davenport AMA 28141
" STICKMAN" wrote:
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1. It is not new, been around for a decade or more.
2. No comparison - it is way ahead per most that subscribe to it.
3. Rather fast in announcing new products. Most others make it just as the product goes out of production.
4. Owner can be had for a few slices of pizza.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
Thanks for the info! Sounds interesting. I may want to pick up a copy to check it out. do you know if it is sold on news stands or in RC shops?
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Yes and no...
Visit the website... You'll find the contact info here....
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As per the Highlights page:
"R/C REPORT is available only by direct subscription (still just $19.00 a year) and at selected hobby shops nationwide. R/C REPORT is not distributed to book stores or magazine shops not affiliated with the modeling industry."
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Bill Fulmer
As a subscriber for two years, I agree with Red. You could classify this mag as oriented to scale and giant scale, but not exclusively. I was disappointed to see that they dropped some of their "leading edge" monthly columns such as S.P.A.D. and combat, which some readers thought were "fringe" topics. I thought this was a conspiracy form the vast balsa wood government/industry complex, but on reflection one column advocates not buying balsa and the other advocates destroying balsa, so they were a wash. .
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