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At 4:15 PM Chicago time, they seem to be working ok. And I haven't had problems with them in the last couple of days.Of course, that cable under the Atlantic could be leaking or something, I suppose.
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H Davis
The forums were up and running yesterday and the day before. I haven't tried today yet.
H Davis wrote:
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Thanks for the comments. I seem to have a problem here... I can access the RC-Universe site but not any of the forums !
It's not just this computer but also the one my wife uses. The problem is not specific to my Linux system but also Windows. Firefox and I.E both do the same... access the site,adverts,for sale,reviews,etc, but come up blank with any of the forums I normally use. I don't get any better result if I sign in to my user account.
Everything worked normally upto a week ago when the forums no longer worked. My linux system has had recent upgrades but Windows has never been altered as I seldom use it.... rcgroups.com works as normal... strange !
I guess I need to investigate....
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