Re: Coleman white gas/stove fuel vs Regular gas

Camp fuel will not produce the gumming problems that gas will. It also > has a
> high octain and will run better on idle. If you know Coleman lanterns, > the
> generaters on the white fuel lanterns are smaller. The ones on the > lanterns
> that are multi fuel are bigger. White fuel is finer, cleaner, and > purer. I
> think, clean is the key word. Corrosion is a concern. After run oil > solves
> most problems. But clean is better. Also engine response. I`ll bet if > someone
> took a laser temp gon and pointed it at the engine head, it would be > cooler
> with white fuel than with gas.
> But what the hell do I know?
Actually Coleman fuel is LOWER in octane, around 65 octane. Most gas
engines are low compression so the low octane doesn't matter.
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Coleman Fuel's formula underwent a drastic change some years ago. It is no longer white gas, according to some folks. It is naptha, which, as I understand it (very little, in fact) is a cut below gasoline. So it can hardly be superior to any gasoline if it is a cut below.
Two-stroke engines generally burn a mix of gasoline and oil. The oil and the previous combusted charge remnants tend to lower the octane rating of the gasoline. This is why the two-stroke engine is notorious for having a very low compression ratio.
Four-stroke engines, not suffering such dilution of the fuel charge, generally have higher compression ratios. This may, or may not be, problematic, according to the size of the bore of the engine. Under a certain size bore, concern for preignition due to low octane fuel is not of as much concern than when the bore is larger. Of course, carried to extremes, either parameter can force the engine into preignition.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
For me the important thing is that Coleman fuel/White Gas/Naptha does not have all the additives that cause Gasoline to have a short shelf life. A gallon of CF/WG/N will be just as good 6 months from now provided it is stored properly. Gasoline, not so much. Also its relatively low odor compared to gasoline is important to me.
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I agree. Its long shelf life is one of the traits that endears Coleman Fuel to me for use as a low compression two-stroke fuel (with the proper amount of oil added, of course).
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger

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