Re: Good brands of Brushed and Brushless Speed Controllers

You and everybody else. Price doesn't seem to equal quality these days. Even
the most expensive ESC's are blowing!
I am looking for the lowest cost of the high quality brands of Brushed and
>Brushless speed controller.
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My experiences with GWS electronics have always been positive, and they offer a nice selection of brushed and brushless ESCs.
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Ed Paasch
Sometimes the Internet is a very small place. I just realized after re-reading some of your questions here that we were just flying together out at the Midwest Performance Flyers' field in La Vista tonight, Peter!
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Ed Paasch
Yes, and this is the motor that Fred Tuckerman suggested as the answer to my original question:
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ordered one right away, less than $21.00 for motor, ESC, and prop including shipping, and it puts out 113.4 Watts at 50 grams of weight and 10 volts. It looks like it is about 70% efficient at max power 113.4 / (16.2 * 10)
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Peter Olcott
take al look at the simprop magic speed controller.
They are mid-priced and i have no problem with mine. you receive a high power BEC that handles +3A. and an ESC that can handle 6 lipo cells.
GWS...not bad very cheap but you need an programmer card and that not interesting if you only need onde esc.
"Peter Olcott" schreef in bericht news:wy4jk.4870$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe03.iad...
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FMA has just come out with a new line of ESCs that are significantly less cost than comparable Jeti controllers. I just put one in my Telemaster Electro and it works great. Nice programming card is available also.
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Red Scholefield

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