reading reciever signal

I am designing and building a flying model and unfortunately have had
very little experience with non-out-of-the-box electrical systems.
I tried to learn about how my reciever works (Futaba FP-R127DF FM dual
conversion) by taking a voltage tester to the 3 contacts designated
for the servos. I then manipulated the lever on the transmitter
(Futaba Conquest FP-T4NBF) while keeping an eye out for voltage
fluctuations on the tester. What I discovered was the voltage between
the red and black leads held a constant 5.28 volts regardless of the
signal being recieved. Voltage differences between the white lead was
not noticeable.
How does the reciever send a signal to the servo if not by fluctuating
voltage? More to the point, how can I "read" this signal?
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David Pizon
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You need an osciliscope. They work on the width of a pulse.
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a couple of links you may find useful
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The black and red leads connect directly to the battery so all you're reading there is the battery voltage. On the white lead you should "see" a pulse, once every 20ms(approx.) The length of that pulse will vary between 1 and 2ms and it's this duration that the servo responds to. 1ms pulses will move the servo to one end of it's travel, 1.5ms to the centre and 2ms to the other end.
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John Privett

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