Recommendation on Fuel Proof Paint for Plastics

I'm putting together a H-9 TEXAN AT-6 (or maybe I should say a SNJ
because it does have a Navy markings). It comes with 9 cylinder
plastic motor shell that fits in the front of the cowl. It's a real
thin vaccum formed black styrene type material.
I'm wondering if anyone has any experence with this stuff and can
recommend a good paint for it. I'm thinking that it needs to be fuel
proof and I don't think that regular plastic enamel paint is, i.e.
Testers PLA. I'll be using gray for the motor case and silver for the
pushrod tubes and rocker boxes.
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Doug Dorton
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Use water based acrylic model paints (testors?). Then spray with Perfect Paint dead flat clear.
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Paint using primer, then a good enamel paint. Next, do 5-10 light coats of clear polyurethane paint (water based) which is nice and fuel proof- until you scratch it of course. The final result is gorgeous!
Paint with plain old water based exterior latex paint and let it cure for ONE MONTH before use. This is fuel proof and moderately water proof and it looks great.
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