best Prop for G62

I have a Giant Aeromaster with a G62 for power. So far I have tried a Zinger

22X6-10 and a Pro Zinger 22X10. The Pro seems to be a bit better. I am thinking about trying either an APC 22X8 or Pro Zinger 22X8 next. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for good aerobatic performance not speed. Both props are running close to 7400RPM right now.


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Craig Trickett
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Get a APC or Mezjelk 22X10

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Craig, There's about ten or so guys at our club that run a G-62 on their Laser's and Warbirds, including my self, and ALL of us use a 22/10 Zinger, Top Flight or Menz wooden prop. One guy uses a Meijlek, high performance prop but everyone says that the wooden props spool up quicker. KF

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