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Hello Can any body help with this situation. i Have St Model 1000kv brushless with prop saver LiPo 3cell 20C 11.1v Battery E-Pro 25A ESC

3D foam plane Weight 370gram total

It use to fly with my older battery, which i totaled after accidentally shorting it. So i bought a new battery. But now everytime i throw the plane and give throttle the prop comes off. Any body no why? Thanks

Regards Tony

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Was old battery a 2 cell or below capacity and providing less oomph to motor?

How about some more detail.

  1. Prop comes off by itself? perhaps rubber band or "O" ring is to old and stretched.
  2. prop comes off with prop saver ? grub screw needs tightening if aluminium prop boss
  3. Is prop a push on and the hole has enlarged with constant removal - replacement ? Buy a new prop.

To many variables for a straight answer

regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links

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