F-27 Stryker

Go my first plane today a Parkzone Stryker, going to fly it tomorrow weather permitting. Anyone here have one? Just wondering if there is anything I should look out for? So far it is still stock.

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Yep - I got one. My first plane too. Great fun.

  1. Make sure you're on low rates before you start.
  2. On launch, give it full throttle, then throw. Expect some loss of height before it gets up speed. Some people use full up trim, but this can put you
  3. Very few breakages can't be repaired, so have some 5 minute epoxy on hand.
  4. Think about reinforcing the engine mount area with packing tape, as this area breaks with a heavy nose in. Alternatively, simply wait until you have a smack, then get the epoxy out.
  5. Don't fix the nose cone too solidly as it absorbs the impact.
  6. Think about using velcro to hold in the battery, and watch the battery hatch - it can fly off.

None of these things are really necessary. My best advice is not to worry about smashes - you can repair some heinous looking damage, don't be too scared, and just get on with it.


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Got to RCgroups.com and RCuniverse, plenty of threads on that plane. Everyone loves it. Not sure that was a good first choice though....for a beginner

I'd go with a Slo-V

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Tom Randy

Hi Scotty,

Congrats on the F27! I remember talking to you about selecting a first plane some weeks back. Have fun with the Stryker and let us know how things are going.

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Ed Paasch

When you get tired of it's stock speed, throw a 4-turn Mega brushles

motor with a 6x4 prop, 25 brushless esc and a 3s 2100 tanic lipo pac in it. (80 mph) it's a great plane I have two of them

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Anyone know how I can flip the nose up and use the whole plane as a sort of air brake? I've seen it in a video where they did that and it drops lightly to the ground.

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