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I bought a Gee-Bee from It came with a brushless outrunner
motor (No name) designated only as "Bm 2408 - 21." It also came with an 18
amp. ESC and a 2 cell 7.4V Li-Po 1800 mAh battery. The designated prop is
10 X 4.7.
With that information can someone tell me what the current draw is for the
motor (and how to calculate it, perhaps)?
Also, I want to purchase an additional battery. As I just received a
CellPro 4S charger I would like to use a CellPro battery. The closest match
they have which physically fits the plane is a LiPo 2S 1350 mAh. Will that
battery suffice? Any way to guess how much shorter the flight time might
I am VERY NEW to the electric flyers, having only flown glow planes over the
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This is a very common cheap brushless motor made by Tower Pro. If you do a google search on it you'll find lots of information on it, but not much with that particular prop. Assuming you have the most common version, it'll pull about 13A.
Details here:
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Thank you, PCPhil for the reply and link. Unless I miss-read the information it appears that either battery will suffice and the provided prop should not overheat the motor.
There is so much "new" information for me to digest: my wife complains somewhat that I'm always "reading" at the computer! Thank goodness for the newsgroups, RC Universe, and Red S.
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It's a pretty woeful motor, and I found it actually was more efficient at lower current on a 3s pack. I think 3s and an 8x4 was about the best.
I'd try and keep it under 10A if possible. 3s 1100mAh is my stab in the not so dark.
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