great planes gee bee racer arf

has anyone had any experience with this kit? i saw the review on rcuniverse and it sounds like its not as hard to build/fly as previous models from other mfgs. any opinions?

thanks, andy

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Hi Randy, I have seen the Gee Bee first hand and examined it closely and even spoke to a factory rep in person at a local Fly In with an early model. Flight reviews are very good with the only recommendation that you keep a little speed with landings. Best engines OS 1.08 for best flight authority and the 1.20 four stroke for realism. Both engines will swing a bigger prop which seems to do wonders for this ship. Fit and finish have been good to great on the half dozen or so I have looked at. Only crash i witnessed was engine out at take off and pilot turned back without enough airspeed. Not really his fault as the trees were his next visit.

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