Great Planes Skylane ARF

I'm in the process of building a 1/4 scale Sig J3 (old kit) which requires a zillion mitre cuts. As a change of pace, (when the Cub is complete), I'm considering the 40 size GP Skylane ARF and wondered if anyone had put this bird together. I have a Saito 56 sitting idle (formerly in a DH Beaver) and would like to use it for power. Any comments on this model would be appreciated. I have only constructed (?) 3 ARFs and my experience hast been less than satisfactory.

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as a change of pace, (when the Cub is complete), >

You must like scale. ? For a real change of pace build a 3D profile with wild rates on it............ :) mk

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Sorry, but it was a "building" change of pace and not "flying". I have a Goldberg Super Chipmunk, a Sig Somethin' Extra and a Kaos which all provide a nice flying change of pace.. My post pertained to the Skylane ARF and not

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