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I recently bought one of these and have it ready to fly. I read the on line review by Jerry Festa. He suggest a 16 x 8 prop on the OS 91 Surpass II. This is the engine I'm using. This prop is a little above the range suggested by the engine manufacturer. Also, he said his came out with the CG right on with the battery under the tank and mine needs about 1-1/2 weight on the tail with the battery as far back as possible. Have any of you had experience with this plane? If so, what do you think of this prop and engine combo. I plan to test fly it this weekend and would like to take it home in one piece. Thanks David

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The 16x8 is within the realm of possibility for that engine depending on altitude, fuel type and prop brand 16x8 props vary a LOT from brand to brand but, If memory serves, my .01 Surpass (NOT the Surpass II) pulled around 7200 RPM on the ground with a MA 16x8 wood prop

My PERSONAL choice for any of the Saito or OS .91 engines is to start with something like a 14x6 APC , test fly the plane, and then adjust the final prop choice depending on the plane, and how YOU want it to perform. the 14x6 will be fast enough to fly the plane, and slow enough to land very slowly if the plane likes to float.

as to the balance issues, In my humble OPINION, the variation you describe is probably well within the limits of variation from wood density alone, or wood density + difference in the glue / gluing techniques being employed at the time of manufacture.

all the above is MY OPINION, YMMV you can't say you weren't warned ;-)


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Bob Cowell

I run an APC 16*8 on my 120 Surpass in most applications. For that plane, I'd try a 14*8 or more likely a 16*6. You'd probably be better off with the lowest pitch prop you can get away with because that plane should be a floater.

Don't worry about the weight. Get the CG where it needs to be.

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John Alt

I have had three of these airplanes. One had an O.S. 1.20 and was underpowered. I'd be suspicious of it flying with a .91 on it.

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Jim Slaughter

I am building my third one. I have always flown them with a Zenoah G23. Great combination.

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Jim Slaughter

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