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I just finished building the 1/6 scale cub from Sig. I am thinking of ordering the 1/5 scale cub as well, but I have one question.Is the 1/5 scale a better kit than the 1/6 ie is the elevator made of laminated 1/8 balsa, are there any interlocking parts? Thank you Carl Anderson.

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carl anderson
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There is no comparison....the 1/5 scale kit is MUCH better! No di

crunched parts, just laser cut wood!!! And yes, interlocking parts mak for a good straight build.


- tailskid

It must be a GREAT day to go flying -cuz I live in Arizona :

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See the L-4 photos in "Models On The Bench" on my web site.

I've also got a pile of detailed photos of a pristine 1:1 L-4 on hand if that would help, given that the notable differences between the L-4 and the Cub are the upper cabin interior and the greenhouse.

There is an adjustable stab implementation in that model, as well as Frise ailerons and stand-pretty-close-scale struts/interplane struts.

Sure wish I'd been able to ask someone how far off scale the Balsa USA

1/3 Cub kit was before I committed VISA felony, but no one came up for air at the time.

The Robart L/G is decidedly scale, and having built the Balsa USA gear, I can heartily recommend spending the money for the Robart item.

Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust

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Fred McClellan

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