Re Sig 1/5 scale cub

I recently posted a message concerning Sig 1/5 scale cub. I recieved three
replies ,all were very informative. I emailed a note to one reply but when I
got around to doing the other two, their messages were deleted. So I would
like to thank the other people. One was from House of Balsa dust.there other
I cannot remember except it was quite detailed.
Anyhow thank you very much, and I have ordered the kit and it will be here
in a few days.
Carl Anderson.
Delta B.C.
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carl anderson
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Tape the back of the sheets of laser-cut parts or you'll have a box ful
of parts!
You will enjoy this one!
-- tailskid
Been modeling since '49 - which makes me an Old Fart
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I got one of them! Flood salvage.
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