Great Planes Mustang 40 KIT, engine?

Thanks for previous help via questions and history research. This helped me decide on a mustang kit 40 size from great planes. I hear this kit is discontinued so snach them up if you like them.

My question is on which 4 stroke (Saito) engine to put in?

Has anyone used a .72 Saito (1.2hp) (or similar) and it is very powerful in this plane, I am looking for a bit overpowered, like most folks these days. This is my first choice because it meets factory recommendations and I love Saito.

Has anyone used a .91 Saito (1.6hp) (or similar) and would the plane be very out of balance, would it need lots of tail weight? This is my second choice because more power is usualy more fun, although if I have to add lots of weight then perhaps we are stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

I am just starting the kit, I may shorten fuse 1.5" to look more scale so the as per research here. Seems like it should fly about the same.

I will add World models retracts.

I will cover aluminum coverite in a military scheme with a shark mouth and invasion stripes, exactly not shure yet, still researching....

Any or all advise is welcome and asked for! :)

Thanks again, and have fun, Karl. hondaruehs at cox dot net aol email is shut off, use above.

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HELLO KARL. I have built and flown this kit and can offer you a few tips,If you like..

  1. What kind of surface will you be taking off from?. If grass you might have bend retracts quite often..
  2. What kind fo lander are you?you still may have bent retracts,I agree with you to bulid a warbird make it look realisstic as possible.
  3. Ultracote...................
4.I suggest only about 2" total diehedrial in the wings...
  1. Dont know how you fly but if you use rudder at all thse kit just does not have enough,might want to think about adding ,hmmmm,say about 1/2 " to the rudder.
  2. Use the biggest motor that you can get inside the nose without going overboard.....I.E.... 53 Irvine, Super tigre.51,OS,72 4S, OS 50s. Etc..
7.. It flies very well and has good stability and pulls no tricks, even has good lowspeed flight ,Up tp a point.Likes to go fast......But large nose requires big motor...try to stay away form 46,as it needs the brute power from a larger motor to get it going.. Again I would not try to overload it with a too large motor[weight wise].91s ETC..
  1. Happy flying... Bobby
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I had one of these several years ago... We kinda pulled out the stops and added quite a bit of scale detail...

Moved the steerable tailwheel to scale position, fully sheeted the wing, replaced strip ailerons with scale type, added flaps, scale counterbalances on rudder and elevator, Robart air retracts, and topped it off w/ a sidemounted ST S.61K.. Airframe was then fiberglassed, then done up w/ HobbyPoxy paint in Hoover's "Ole Yeller" scheme... It was the price I paid for the graphics on this ship that made me decide to go in the vcinyl gfx biz... But it was a looker....

Here's a coupla snaps...

formatting link

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Bill Fulmer

I have built about a dozen of these for people (to finance my own) and if you are interested in scale, there are a couple things you can do in that area that don't hurt the sweet handling of this plane.

First, cut about 1.5" off the rear end of the fuselage sides.

Mount the stab so that the rear edge of the elevator is even with the rudder hinge line.

Keep it as light as possible because it is a heavy kit with lots of hard balsa and ply.

Double up on the ribs where the retracts mount. Use good 1/16 birch ply.

I used Spring Air retracts as they will not let you down in a pinch. I mounted the air tank under the rear turtledeck.

The Robart steerable tail wheel retract fits perfectly in the scale position and you can retract it with the same servo that operates the main gear air valve.

I have flown a couple with average .46 engines and they flew just fine. One of the best engines for this plane is the Webra 50. Any of the four stroke .60-70 size will also work well. My last one got jerked around by a YS .91. This is a very popular combination for warbird racing.

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Paul McIntosh

Thanks everybody for the help and advise.

  1. We have a nice asfalt runway. Ocasional landings on AZ desert ground.
  2. I am a practicing/learning lander now. This is a plane I am enjoying to build (second kit after a sig 4 star) and aim to "grow" into it. Seems like I may have to be ready to adjust the gear. Wing is almost complete, too late to double the gear ribs, perhaps I'll re-enforce and soak them with thin CA or "paint" with epoxy, yes?
  3. Ultracote, I may try that next time, I alreday got Top Flight MonoKote.
  4. You are recommending LESS Dihedral, specs is 3 1/4" total and 2" should be more nimble, yes?
  5. I only use rudder on the ground so far. Take off mostly.
  6. I got a Saito FA-72, bigest within specs. I like Saito, look cool, sound cool, run well. Do most agree?
  7. I am planning to make this my next fun flying plane after/with the
4*, along with GP Stuka which I enjoy to fly, my World Zero fighter is not easy at all to fly although my trainer friend likes it very much. I'm still learning.
  1. Thanks again, always happy while flying and/or building. Sometimes the ARF's are annoying to assemble but I enjoy the kits. That's another story...

Greatly appreciate the help of everyone, Have fun, Karl.

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