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Hi Guy's,
I've just finished a F15 from GP.
Anybody has build/flown this plane?
Thnx for yr comments
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They now do an F-51? All I saw listed was the P-51.
Anyhow, the P-51 is a great second or third plane. It is derived from the best pattern trainer ever, the Super Kaos. It will have no bad habits and completely destroys the myth that warbirds have all these bad tendencies.
Have fun with it!
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Paul McIntosh
There was a in guy our club who had one as a second plane. It didn't have any bad habits and was surprisingly docile for a "jet". The only bad thing I could say about it was that it glided like a brick. Of course, at that time I was flying a big, floaty Telemaster, and everything glided like a brick compared to that plane! Unfortunately, it didn't survive being flown through a tree. I saw another F15 at one of our fly-ins with a piped engine of some type that was pretty spectacular. The guy and his brother, who had the GP F14, would go up and do high speed "dogfights". Pretty spectacular!
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Morris Lee
Oh, crap! I really misread that one!
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Paul McIntosh
LOL! Dyslexia, ya gotta love it. --
Jim L.
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Jim Lilly
Paul, you may have misread it but I appreciated getting your take on the GP P51. Almost 30 years ago, I built the Top Flite P51 complete with flaps and Rhom retracts but have never flown it. My eyesight and reflexes are now 30 years older so the likelihood of it getting airborne are slim. I don't believe the TF kit had the same flying attributes as the GP version-a lot higher wing loading I believe. Take-offs were hazardous from grass fields and they had to be landed very hot.
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Saw one fly yesterday, with a .46FX; I started the rebuild last fall, and another guy finished it, after another airplane took it and 2 others out...on the ground! Yesterday was the first flight after the rebuild.
Flies great; glides like a brick, but lands like a Kougar--when it's down, it's planted.
Same guy has the F-14, with a .61 in it; engine quit way out at the end of a wide turn. Like to never got the damn thing down; glides forever.
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