Kit Review: 1973 Ford Mustang

This is going to be interesting to see after the last kit. The box shows a
Yellow 1973 Sportsroof with Ram Air hood and custom rims and an oversized
custom rear spoiler and custom rims.
Inside we find...
Decals: Nothing that will help us build a stock '73 Mustang of any variety.
Just some custom graphics and a couple of license plates.
Body: Different mold from the previous review. The grille is separate from
the body. Some problems here. 1) The rear window radiuses are a little
exaggerrated. 2) The rear body panel, made up of the lower edge of the trunk
and the two quarterpanel extension pieces have been contoured wrong. Easy to
see, harder to explain so I won't bother - it's just off, but fixable. 3)
The front fenders on std '73 sportsroof models should have Mustang script
lettering on them (as shown in the boxart), but they didn't mold it on.
Hood: Ram Air, no twist locks. They got it right and did not mold in vents.
Bumper: Separate bumper and front valence pieces. Correct '73 bumper.
Grille: One piece on the chrome sprue. Correct square bezels and vertical
parking lights. Standard grilles were egg crate shaped, with large
rectangular openings. This one just has long horizontal lines. Still, pretty
close. There are a couple more custom grilles in there that I won't fool
Spoilers: Stock front spoiler, lousy custom rear spoiler. Standard '73
Mustangs came with no spoilers.
Tail panel: One piece for the light bezels, honeycomb panel and rear
bumper. They aced it except the molded gas cap is a 1971 flip open style not
available in '73.
Tires & rims: This kit really needs the Polyglass skins and clover leaf
rims issued in the '71 Boss kit from the other review. The only thing
included are the custom rims shown on the box and a set of Cragar mags.
Tires are oversized blobs of nothing. They include a single oddball rim on
the chrome sprue I can't quite figure out. It looks like a standard hubcap
that has been deep set like a rear mag. And it needs at least a mate to be
useful. Strange. Oh just noticed some non-chrome NASCAR style rims in there.
Interior: Tub shows that this is a fold down rear seat model. Alas, if only
they had included a rear seat!. Hell it would have been even nicer if they
had included two front seats as well!!! All I've got here is a pair of
custom racing buckets.
Great googly-moogly, this is a custom kit. It does not have the parts to
build as a stock version. You've been warned.
Plodding along - the dashboard has the right shape, but is completely devoid
of any detail. Gages, buttons, vents, radio - nothing. Smooth blob of
No need to go any further with this. Here's the deal, buy the '71 Boss kit
and together with a few pieces from this kit you should be able to put
together a rough approximation of a 1973 standard sportsroof. If you want
anything more, you're going to have to work at it. Magnum 500s, custom
decals and maybe if available, some custom resin pieces to fix the problems.
My first car was a '73 Mach I with the clover leaf style rims, so I'm close
to where I need to be at least. Just glad this adventure was $12 instead of
$24 without the 50% coupon. Sorry for the longwinded posts.
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Both kits reviewed are missing side racing mirrors.
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Great review WmB
Thanks for sharing
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Im a worthless piece of shit limey, got both boxes of the same kit. But hey i love the kit.
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